Red Hill attended Malaysian Construction Machinery Exhibition 2023
Jun 13 , 2023

On June 12, 2023, the Malaysian Construction Machinery Exhibition was held at the Kuala Lumpure. The exhibition gathered construction machinery manufacturers and industry experts from all over the world to discuss the development trend and the latest technology in the construction machinery industry.

As an expert of construction machinery manufacturers, our company naturally will not miss this opportunity to participate in the exhibition, showing our latest products and technologies, which have been widely concerned and praised by the participants.

This exhibition is a good platform for communication between our company and regional customers, providing us with a valuable opportunity to understand the needs of the local market, and promoting cooperation and exchanges between the two sides. During the exhibition, we showed the participants our latest products and technologies, including the new generation of bulldozers, excavators, loaders, etc., as well as advanced intelligent control systems and environmental protection technologies. These products and technologies have aroused the strong interest of the participants and achieved a good response.

In addition to presenting products, we also actively participated in many presentations and seminars between industry experts and customers, in-depth discussion of the development trends and the latest technology applications in the construction machinery industry, sharing our experience and results in research and development and production. At the same time, we also took the opportunity to strengthen contacts with industry related institutions and customers, to explore opportunities and possibilities for cooperation.

Overall, the exhibition was a successful communication platform, not only showcasing our latest achievements and technologies, but also enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of local market needs and industry trends. We look forward to working with our customers in the future and are committed to bringing even better products and services to the market.

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