• Add 2 new machines for drilling shafts
    Add 2 new machines for drilling shafts
    In order to prove the production speed, add 2 new machines for drilling shafts.
  • Coordinates Measuring Machine
    Coordinates Measuring Machine
    The laboratory adds new equipment, coordinate measuring instrument testing, will benefit to improve the accuracy of the product.
  • Laboratory
    We have a complete set of leading laboratory equipment to continuously control the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products
  • Workshop Machines
    Workshop Machines
    Diversified and advanced production equipment, to ensure the accuracy and stability of products, improve the efficiency of production
  • Assembly Workshop
    Assembly Workshop
    Dust-free assembly room improve manufacture environment and guarantee product quality.
  • Rbot machiniong station
    Rbot machiniong station
    Robot machining station is debugging, each robot handling 2 NC lathes; Higher efficiency and reliable quality, ensure on-time delivery
  • Heat Treatment Workshop1
    Heat Treatment Workshop1
    Since on March of 2020, mesh belt furnace came into use, perfected Red-hill heat treatment techniques capability, critical heat treatment process handled by ourselves, including quenching, tempering, hardening and annealing. Material’s mechanical properties, hardness, metallographic structure and wear-resisting properties will be improved after Q&;T treatment. Q&;T process applies on roller shell,...
  • Machining Workshop-1
    Machining Workshop-1
    Modern workshop came into servers on March of 2019 with rational layout , advanced facilities and scientific management.
  • Machining Workshop-2
    Machining Workshop-2
    The factory regularly carries on the system training to the staff, guarantees the worker production advanced
  • Machining Workshop-3
    Machining Workshop-3
    These are advanced NC machines to meet parts machining work accuracy.
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