Construction machinery industry change
Jan 04 , 2023

Construction machinery industry change: digital enabling, gold mining global market

(by  China Economic Weekly)

The reporters of China Economic Weekly reviewed the development of construction machinery industry in 2022 and found that digitization, internationalization and green development are becoming important trends in the construction machinery industry as China's demographic dividend is weakening, modern construction projects are being large-scale, environmental protection requirements are becoming increasingly strict, and customers' demands for product value are increasing. This will promote China to step forward from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.

Digital enabling, smoothing the industry cycle

In the era of intelligent interconnection, new technologies represented by 5G, big data and industrial Internet are changing with each passing day, enabling the high-quality development of construction machinery. Leading construction machinery enterprises gain greater competitive advantages.

The 14th Five-Year Development Plan for Construction Machinery Industry clearly proposes that the concept of green products should be upgraded in the future, green development should be comprehensively promoted, and green manufacturing and construction in the process of use of construction machinery and equipment should be realized. We will strengthen green oversight and improve laws and standards for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Officials from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed that in the future, construction machinery enterprises should be guided to actively grasp the integration opportunities brought by 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of things and other new generation of information technologies, seize the development opportunities brought by China's new infrastructure construction, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and explore new technologies, new forms and models. Accelerate the development of construction machinery towards intelligent, digital, green and networked direction.

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