EPIROC GROUP visited Red Hill Machinery to promote cooperation
Jun 28 , 2023

Yesterday, Red Hill Machinery welcomed a group of foreign customers from ERIROC GROUP to visit. The purpose of this visit is to promote cooperation and exchanges between the two sides, further deepen mutual understanding and explore potential cooperation opportunities.

EPIROC GROUP is an important player in the construction machinery industry in the country and they are very interested in the production and quality of chassis accessories for construction machinery. As the industry's leading manufacturer of undercarriage parts for construction machinery, Red Hill Machinery is firmly established in the market and is known for its high quality, reliability and innovation in the industry.

During this visit, the foreign customers first visited our production workshop and warehouse to get an in-depth understanding of our production process and modern production equipment. They are very interested in our production processes and quality control procedures and are impressed by our efficient production processes and precise product quality.

Subsequently, the two sides had a fruitful symposium with in-depth discussions on the needs and cooperation opportunities of both sides. We introduced our product range and technical advantages to our customers, but also understood the customer's market needs and special requirements for construction machinery undercarriage accessories. Through this exchange, we further deepened our understanding of each other's business model and cooperation intention, and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

The visit of this foreign customer is an important opportunity for Hongshan Machinery, both to showcase our process and product advantages, but also to further strengthen the connection and cooperation with the international market. We will continue to strive to improve product quality and technological innovation, provide better products and services to foreign customers, and seek more cooperation opportunities.

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