What are the technical essentials of the excavator leveling operation
Nov 18 , 2020

Excavator leveling is one of the basic operating skills an operator must master. The level of leveling technology is an important indicator that reflects the skills of a driver. So what are the technical essentials that should be mastered when the excavator operator performs leveling operations? Take a look.

Leveling is first to level the station and stand firm. Before leveling, level the position under the crawler. Let the track stand on a flat and stable ground, so that the driver will not make mistakes during visual inspection, and the leveling work will be half the success.

The choice of reference objects directly affects the overall flatness of the ground. Visually detect the high point and location of the ground, and then find a reference point at the high end of the ground, and level it from the higher ground to the lower ground. Excavate the soil higher than the reference point, fill in the low-lying area, and visually inspect it to be roughly level.

Lower the boom of the excavator slightly, the stick is perpendicular to the ground, and the moving range of the stick is about 45 degrees. The bucket is opened so that the bucket mouth and the forearm are basically level. After the bucket touches the ground, retract the forearm and raise the big arm to pull the soil back; after the width of the shovel is repaired, move the fuselage one by one in order to complete leveling.

After the fine leveling is completed, the individual high points or low points are leveled according to the specific situation, and finally the entire site is leveled. For large-area leveling, do not dig too wide each time. Generally, the width of the two cars is almost the same, and the error will become larger when the digging is wide. Conditional excavator operators try to use the level as a reference as much as possible.

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