The development trend of mini excavator
Aug 21 , 2020

Now labor costs are getting more and more expensive, and many production areas are slowly shifting to mechanization. Mini excavators are undoubtedly a very good alternative machinery, but because standard mini excavators cannot fully meet their production and life needs, so There is an urgent need to make hook machines so that you can produce the most suitable hook machines for your own use.

People have gradually changed from manual labor to mental labor. Many tasks that were previously done manually are now completed by mini excavators. Like floor decoration, there is a mini excavator to help, which will make the construction speed straight. accelerate. In addition, the popular greenhouses, landscaping, and trenching and planting of trees all require small mini excavators to fit, so miniaturization will be another hot spot in the development trend of mini excavators.

The mini excavator was originally operated by a mechanical pull rod. Due to its low work efficiency, it was gradually replaced by a fully hydraulic pilot operation. At present, we can only occasionally see some mechanically operated mini excavators in China. The machine has now transitioned to pilot operation.

However, due to the complexity of some operating environments, we still have to make improvements on the basis of the above. The more common one is remote control. One is wireless remote control and the other is wired remote control. With the continuous development of electronic technology, hooking machines is also Modular manufacturing is realized, and the full computer control also makes the hook machine understand you better, not only has a huge improvement in performance, but also achieved a breakthrough in energy consumption.

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