How is the digging effect of the trencher
Nov 18 , 2020

With the continuous increase in the number of various infrastructure projects in my country, the quality and the speed of project progress are also constantly developing. On the one hand, it benefits from the efforts of the workers, and on the other hand it is due to the advanced equipment. For example, a trencher is one of them. So let's compare the digging effect of the trencher?

The name of the trencher is very similar to that of the excavator, and the trencher is indeed designed on the basis of the excavator. As we all know, excavators are the most common type of equipment in engineering. They are often used to excavate and transport materials such as coal and soil, with a comprehensive range of functions. As a derivative product of excavators, trenchers are mainly used for trenching.

However, the trencher replaces the bucket part of the excavator with a wide chain. On this chain, we can also see dense rivets, all of which are used to increase the digging capacity of the trencher.

When the trencher is working, with the rotation of the chain, the rivet part can drive the surrounding soil down and transport it to both sides to open up a ditch. The designer added a high-horsepower power system to the trencher. As the robotic arm continues to move down, the depth of the trench is also increasing.

Through the operation of the trencher, a trench with a depth of 3.5 meters and a width of 1.4 meters can be excavated. And the trencher blade is extremely sharp, not only can be used to dig relatively soft soil, even limestone material, can easily complete the trenching task.

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