Powerful alliance, mutual benefit and win-win results
Mar 14 , 2023
  After years of continuous rapid development, China's construction machinery has formed a huge stock market. By the end of this year, the number of excavators alone will exceed 2.3 million, which gives birth to infinite huge after-market business opportunities.
In the last two years, the industry is in the transition period of multi-wave superposition of managers. The traditional business model of construction machinery agents based on gross profit of complete machine sales is being overturned. The huge aftermarket has become a huge blue ocean that construction machinery agents generally attach importance to, and become one of the core businesses of construction machinery agents.

Professional excavator and bulldozer undercarriage parts manufacturing enterprise Quanzhou Red Hill Engineering machinery Co., Ltd. and China's famous engineering machinery after market company "haojihui", after 2 years of investigation, product use verification, friendly business negotiations, strong hands, reached a strategic partnership, marking China's engineering industry after market is entering a new era.

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