Exciting Team-Building Activity on Labor Day
May 10 , 2024
On Labor Day, the employees of Red Hill embarked on an extraordinary team-building adventure. The itinerary included climbing mountains, exploring historical sites, and visiting a tea factory.
In the early morning, full of enthusiasm, the team gathered and set off towards their destination. During the mountain climbing, they supported and encouraged each other, surmounting challenges together. Reaching the summit, they were rewarded with breathtaking views.

Subsequently, they visited ancient historical sites, immersing themselves in the rich history and culture. It was a journey through time, deepening their appreciation for the past.
Finally, they arrived at the tea factory, where they witnessed the tea production process and delved into the profound tea culture. Here, they savored the fragrant tea, finding relaxation and rejuvenation.
This team-building activity not only provided the employees with an opportunity to unwind on Labor Day but also strengthened the cohesion and unity of the team. They gained happiness, friendship, and valuable experiences, infusing new energy and motivation into their work. In the future, the team of Red Hill will undoubtedly approach their tasks with even greater enthusiasm and unity, striving for brighter days ahead.
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