Excavator sales have increased by more than 50% for 7 consecutive months
Dec 04 , 2020

Known as the "economic activity thermometer" said excavators are still heating up.According to the statistical data of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, in October 2020, the 25 main engine manufacturing enterprises included in the statistics sold a total of 27,331 sets of mining machinery products, with a year-on-year increase of 60.5%.Among them, 23,892 units were sold in the domestic market, up 60.7% year on year.The export sales volume was 3,439, up 59.4% year on year.Data shows that from January to October, the 25 main engine manufacturing enterprises have sold a total of 263,839 sets of various mining machinery products, with a year-on-year increase of 34.5%.Sales volume of 236,712 units in the domestic market, up 35.5% year on year;Export sales reached 27,127 units, up 25.9% year on year.According to the monthly sales curve, the first two months of this year were affected by the epidemic, and excavator sales fell sharply year-on-year.Sales growth began to turn positive in March;Since April, excavator sales have been surging ahead, with a year-on-year growth rate of over 50% for seven consecutive months.From the current trend, excavator annual sales will exceed expectations.The industry continues to be optimistic about the construction machinery industry boom.Sany said that with the continuous progress of the construction of "two new projects and one high level" in the fourth quarter and the implementation of a number of major and large projects, the construction machinery industry will continue to maintain a high boom and the growth momentum is expected to continue. (Reprinted from internet)

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